Small Current Meter


The AKIM MCM-02 Small Current Meter is used for measuring the flow velocity at low water levels, e.g. in:
  • Small Rivers

  • Small canals

  • Streams

  • Lakes and seas

  • Pressure pipes, falajs

  • Natural water courses
  • es
  • Laboratori
Small Current Meter is used worldwide for its proved quality, precision and reliability in measuring low water level It is especially recommended for measurements in remote regions whenever a lightweight and handy measuring instrument is required.
Small Current Meter provides solutions for all velocity measuring applications. The highly precise, reinforced spindle bearing as well as an on- contact signaling system give the possibility for measuring flow velocities as from 0,025 m /sec. up to 5 m /sec.
Low starting speed of 0.025 m/sec. Minimum depth of water for using this instrument is approx. 4 cm.
Small Current Meters set the standard for liquid-flow measurement and without them hydrometry is not imaginable.


Small Current Meter can directly be fixed to a rod of 9 mm dia. A Relocating Device however, has proved to be a useful facility, which is designed as sleeve tube and is slided together with the current meter over the rod. For measurements from higher places (e.g. bridges) it is recommended, by means of the clamping piece to use a rod of 20 mm dia. with relocating device

Measuring Ranges:

Depending on the pitch of the propellers used, different velocity ranges may be obtained. Besides, the propeller has a component effect. The angular degrees specified in the table show the extent of oblique flow up to which the propeller measures the true velocity value.
Within the stated ranges of oblique flow and velocity, the propellers follow the law of cosine with an accuracy of ± 1 % of the measured value.

Determination of Flow Velocit:

A calibration of the small current meter with the relating propeller is necessary in order to determine the water velocity “v” according to the equation; v = k . n + ?
v = flow velocity (m/sec.)
k = hydraulic pitch of propeller (m) determined by
test runs in the modern hydraulic towing canal. n = number of propeller revolutions per second
? = meter constant (m/sec.) determined by test runs
in the modern hydraulic towing canal. Since among current meters there are mechanical differences in the propellers as well as in the bearings, the constants “k” and “?” are found by specific tests in the modern hydraulic towing canal (Certificate of Calibration DSI - TAKK).
If desired, the calibration equation (relation between n and v) can also be supplied with fully calculated values compiled in a table (Velocity table- TAKK).


9 mm. dia., 1,5 m. long, 3 sections in 50 cm. , numbered every 5 c

Connect ing Cable:

2 m. long


Teknik Özellikler

LCD Double Display 2 x 16 = 32 digits, Dot matrix, double line, indication, automatic battery control and insertable buzze LCD Double Display simultaneously shows propeller type, pulses, time, and flow velocity 30, 55, and 60 seconds is the time or retention as these values can be set manuall
Key pad 6 buttons keypad for on and off, time setting, Propeller choice, Buzzer choice and start/stop
  After the calibration of the propellers, constant “k” and “?” values can be entered for each propeller (See User’s Guide). When the calibration is done again due to the mechanical damages and the constraints change, “k” and “?” constant values of each propeller can be entered again via keypad on the counter The set and the remaining time can be seen on the screen when the speed and water velocity is set at the same time
Timing set 30, 40, 50, 55, 60 and 100 sec. as can be made with quartz clock.
  Even if you don’t press the stop button of the counter, it has the feature of self-closing after 4 minutes.
  The flow velocity value can be seen on the screen; moreover, buzzer beep is heard at the end of the arranged time when the propeller takes a whole stroll.
Time measurement: 0.01 sec.
Impulse Counting: 1 impulse.
Maximum impulse frequency 40 impulse /sec
  Time can be set in the range of 0-200 sec. within an interval of 5 sec.
  When the Electronic counter is first started, it is arranged for 55 sec
  It can be stopped, if required, by pushing the “stop” button after a while it is started. Device calculates the time and the pulse values and gives the flow velocity speed in the meanwhile when it is stopped
Temperature Range -20 ºC + 70 º
Power Supply 6 V ( 4X1,5 V.AA size Baby Battery)
Case (size) and weight 11 x 9 x 5,5 cm. / 430 gr., IP-68
Propeller No Propeller
(m / sec.)
Max. Speed
(m / sec.)
1 50 mm 0.05 0.025 m 1,0 ± 30º Alüminium
2 50 mm 0.10 0.030 m 2,0 ± 20º Alüminium
3 50 mm 0.25 m 0.035 m 4,0 ± 10º Alüminium
4 50 mm 0.50 m 0.060 m 5,0 ± 5º Alüminium
5 50 mm 0.05 0.050 m 1,0 ± 20º Alüminium