Water Level Recorder measures conventional float system.Water Level changes are sensed by way of the pulley type contactless magnetic sensing system.They are converted into a digital signal directly. Then measuring values are stored in data logger which is part of the shaft encoder.
Water Level Reorder ( OEL-104) is used for monitoring continuously , Storage of ground-water level and surface water level ( rivers , irrigation channels , dams , lakes , land drainage , ground-water well and flood control ).
With a float–operated Shaft Encoder OEL-104 is able to achive as another break through in Water–Level measuringtechnologies.
It has due to easy handling and impressive cost–effective ratio. The OEL-104 Shaft Encoder is an ideal device for modernization of existing measuring locations.

We offer an optionally installation set for 4' well–pipes and bigger for ground water monitoring.
Technical Details:
Type Floating.
Memory 256 Kbytes ( Ring Memory ), EEProm.
Memory Storage Mode Circle Mode ( cyclic over writing old data ).
Memory Storage Capacity Storage capacity of data over approximately 15 years at a storage interval of 1 hour.
Storage of Water level , real time and date , alarms , manuel correction of data (observer) with time and date , observer records. During readout , the sampling process is not disturbed.
LCD Display 3-lines dot matrix LCD Display, each of 12 characters. Shows water level, date / time, Level alarms, storage memory, sampling interval, min. / max. Value , last change of battery , last readout , actual and setup parameters , error messages and measured values 15 sec. auto shut off.
Keypad 3 keys. Built – in touch keypad for operation and setting via keypad
Data Transfer Rate 9600 or 19200 bps ( selectable ) Flash Card Option : 115200 bps
Communication RS 232 interface via: Desktop Computer Notebook.
Telephone Line Modem.
GSM/GPRS Data Modem.
Flash Card ( 2 Mbytes ).
RF modem ( optional ), Satellite ( optional ).
Ports RS232 interface serial port and USB out (optional) , RS485.
Power Supply Single 3.6 Volt DC , 8500 mAh. C size Lithium Battery.
Battery Life-Time Battery Life-Time > 10 years. No battery change necessary.
Sensor Access 24 hour time, accuracy approx. 1 minute one mounth.
Real Time Clock Quartz – controlled real-time clock. Automatic leap year calculation.
Interval time The sampling and logging intervals can be preset ( from 1 minute to 24 hours ).
Alarm Signals High level alarm , Low Level alarm , rate alarm and battery alarms by SMS messages sending to : GSM Cell phones telephones and PC`s numbers (incoming alarms are automatic cally provided from measuring stations).
Red Out Unit 4 – 20 mA , 0 -5V , 0 – 10 V outputs.
Protected Data No data less even if Battery fails, data stored in EEPROM.
Protection Not affected by humidity and dust ( IP67 protection ).
Working Temperature -20C to + 70C
Storage Temperature -40C to + 80C
Humidity 98 % relative.


Float Diameter : 120 mm , Length : 100 mm , Weight : 540 gr.
Counter Weight Diameter : 20 mm , Length : 90 mm , Weight : 180 gr.
For Float cable Diameter : 1 mm Steinless steel float cable. Converts water level changes into a rotation.


Flash Card Data Reading unit with driver. 2 Mbyte Capacities
GSM Data Modem Wireless Data , voice and SMS – HS CSD up to 19200 bps alarm monitoring
Line Modem V.34 bis full duplex data collector , alarm management , up to 33600 bps.
Palm Top Pocket PC , Intel PXA 255 , 400 MHz
Read Out Unit 4 – 20 mA. , 0 – 5 V. , 0 – 10 V. outputs